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Let ACS provide an off-site backup of your critical data that is secure, encrypted and managed by us. Your business probably already has an in-house backup solution which backs up your data nightly. Yet as we all know, it seems the one week you don't have time to check the log is the week the backup stops working.

ACSBackup   Our off-site backup also protects your data from disasters like fire, flood, or theft.  Your business is your data and if anything happened, it could be devastating. ACS's Online Backup Solution provides another layer of protection for your data to keep data loss from happening.

All backups with ACSBackup are fully encrypted end to end, throughout the backup process using the latest encryption technology and securely stored on servers at our location, managed by us, not some third party.  We ensure your data is backed up, and secure.     
Some of the key features of ACSBackup are:

  •    Backup your data securely with encryption and compression all the way from your server to ours.
  •    Comprehensive, automatic backup scheduling for "Hands Free" backups
  •    Binary incremental backups dramatically reduce backup times & bandwidth requirements
  •    Open File Backup protection provided through VSS Option ensuring open files are not skipped.
  •    Optional Microsoft SQL Support & Optional Microsoft Exchange Support

The ability to intelligently handle incremental data is the key component of any remote backup solution. this is because it has a large determination on performance, practability and cost. The solution ACS uses for our ACSBackup employs a technology known as "Intelli-Delta technology" which is based on the powerful & proven RSYNC algorithm. This technology ensures that after the first backup only optimized byte level changes in individual files & folders are backed up thereafter. This means that you get optimized, fast and reliable backups of your data with minimal impact on your network infrastructure.

    Call us today to get a quote on backing up your systems and what ACS can offer you.